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ASPRS Sponsors Science Fairs!

Science Fair

To support that goal our Region has participated in the St. Louis Science Fair for decades. Last year, we joined with the Central Region to support the Kansas City Fair. Region Members also are encouraged to participate in Science Fairs throughout the Region.

With this in mind, the Region will consider funding Science Fair Awards of up to $250. In the St. Louis local area we typically give either cash awards, U.S. Savings Bonds, books, and/or a paid invitation to our local Annual Meeting.

This is a reminder to those of you who have contact with promising elementary, middle and high school students thinking about a project. Each year our judges search for award-winning work done in any of the various disciplines of interest to ASPRS. Requests for this funding should include:

  1. Name of area sponsoring the Science Fair
  2. Who the ASPRS members are who will do the judging.

It would be appropriate for an ASPRS member, in the local area, to present the award/s. Awards are typically given to the best science fair project that uses Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, GIS, or related disciplines such as optics, perspective views, photography, and measurement technology.

Interested parties should contact Region President Ming-Chih Hung or Region Director for Science Fairs Jerome Lenczowski.