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ASPRS Heartland Region Shirts Are Now Available!

ATTENTION MEMBERS (and visitors, feel free to browse the selection) -

ASPRS Heartland Region Shirts Are Now Available!  This is a fundraiser for our region (proceeds will mostly support student members), and also a celebration of our merger between the Central and St. Louis Regions, into the new Heartland Region.

See the available items in the ASPRS Shirt Order Form PDF.

Here’s a look at the embroidered (on polos) and screen printed (on t-shirts) logos: ASPRS_embroideryASPRS_screen


STEP 1: Go to  (store ends December 31)!

STEP 2: Type in flash store code ASPRS2 and click “Submit Store Code”.

STEP 3: Select ASPRS Heartland Region merchandise and add to shopping cart.

STEP 4: Once shopping is complete, click on “Checkout” and either register as a new customer or log in with previously registered information.

STEP 5: Make sure you have ordered enough for your family and friends.

STEP 6: Look great while you proudly wear your shirt wherever you go!

*PLEASE NOTE Orders must be completed on or before December 31, 2014.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

-Todd Wever

(your friendly Heartland Region Treasurer)

ASPRS Central and Saint Louis Region Consolidation News

A message from the St. Louis Region President, Greg Brunner:

Dear Region Members,

On October 28th, St. Louis Region Director Dave Kreighbaum and Central Region Director Barry Budzowski presented the plan to consolidate our two regions into one region at the ASPRS Conference in San Antonio.  The ASPRS National Board of Directors unanimously approved our intent to consolidate and gave their endorsement to proceed with this venture. Next steps include:

-        Sharing the by-laws and transition plans with our respective regions. Transition plans can be downloaded from:

-        Finalizing by-laws for the new combined region by mid-to-late December.

-        Decide on a region name. Suggestions include:

  • · The Heartland Region
  • · The Mid-Continent Region
  • · The Great Plains Region
  • · The Great Rivers Region
  • · The Central Region
  • · If you have additional suggestions, please submit by November 18 and we will include them in a soon to follow survey.

-     Holding our first official joint Board meeting in January

-     Soon accepting nominations for Vice President of the new region

The ASPRS Board of Directors is excited to see our regions acting on the recommendations that they put forth in their restructuring plan. People are very interested in the logistics and mechanics of how the merger will happen and are looking at this as the template for how consolidation should proceed. Thank you all for your participation in this trailblazing endeavor!

Your St. Louis Region President,

Greg Brunner